WIRE for Agency

Watch to Understand

When you work with a sense of mission; sometimes things can go awry. Right now, we are doing some really important work, we are creating an academic toolkit. This toolkit is being designed to offer high utility for… Read More

She’s a Writer

Many students really love to write. Whether it’s series, how to’s, or any book that can get some laughs from others, this holds both rigor and joy for the developing writer. Having a personal belief that you are… Read More

One Small Request

“Do you have the book, People?” she asked with a shy smile. “No, I don’t have that book. Is it any good?” was the response to her small request. “Yes! VERY good. My best friend has it and… Read More

What is Student Driven Instruction?

It’s not only about about independent transfer for RtI goals, it’s about wanting to do this work because it made relevant through their choices and the experiences we create for them. Students cross the bridge from independence to agency when they transfer learning during authentic experiences.

Intentionally Instruct and Learn

Creating Access to Agency for Why and How to Read Words How would you feel if you were referred to as the “low teacher”? You’d have a thing or two to say about it. What an incredible insult!… Read More

The Struggle is Real… Important

“Quick. Simple. Fast.” was the attitude that was voiced during a planning session when it came time for providing classroom interventions for students.  Lately the desire to provide that thing, that hurry and do this to fill that… Read More

What’s in a Wordle? Quite a lot!

Has anyone been playing Wordle? We have, and we just love it!  The simple grid, no advertisements, a one time a day just for fun game that has built up its own little community. We share our scores,… Read More