WIRE for Agency

You’re Safe

Think about a time when you had to do something complex. You have a plan, you know what it is you want to do, and you are ready to go. Now think about how that scenario would go… Read More

Our Students Amaze Us

We wanted to start this week by sharing how our students amaze us. We make it our practice to celebrate kids each and every day.  These are some things we observed our students doing today. Yaakov finished his… Read More

Just What They Needed

Sometimes someone else can see things that we take for granted. Having the benefit of a fresh perspective at something that has become an ordinary practice, reminds us of the ongoing importance of making agency a reality. Jill… Read More

A Means to An End

Teachers are being inundated with a need to collect data. Data is important because it is meant to inform day-to-day teaching. That looks like an examination of student writing, rubrics, checklists, and anecdotal notes that are driven by… Read More

The Unexpected Gift

A seamless lesson doesn’t really teach you anything. It can make you feel good and build confidence and self esteem. But the lessons that really help you grow as a teacher are the ones where you make a… Read More

Gone and Back Again One Little Word EMBRACE

Welcome Back!  We were very fortunate to have had a two week break and today was our first day back to school. As soon as the kids came into the classroom there was so much energy, so many… Read More