This We Believe

We believe in the innate power every student has upon entering the classroom. We are here to support students’ development of a powerful and positive self-identity. We believe that as students work through their challenges, they are learning something much deeper than curriculum goals. They are learning about themselves, they begin to think, “I can do this even if it is hard for me.”  And if they are not there yet, we are teachers who are committed to being the positive voice that exclaims, “I believe in you.” and “Give it a try, either way, I am very proud of you..” and “What you think matters here.” 

We believe in creating classroom environments that allow students to flex self efficacy as they set their own expectations.  We honor student expectations when we take them at their word – and design our teaching around what personally matters to them. Their success or failure is never a surprise to them, because they know to expect both as part of the learning process. We believe in making our own learning processes transparent for kids. When we do the work with our students everything about school and learning opens up and their whole experience at school makes a positive shift.

We believe in our ability to teach students to believe in themselves. We are teachers for agency, and we hope you’ll join us.

3 Comments on “This We Believe

  1. Thank you for letting me know where the image of the skyscraper originated, it is an excellent visual aid especially for my teacher education students – I want to credit it on the blog, how would you have me cite it – My compliments and thanks!

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